- Are you demolishing you existing garage, slab and driveway?

-American Home Remodeling handles every stage of your project, from the architectural design to the completion of your new garage and driveway. Our services include removing your old garage, concrete slab, and driveway (if needed), as well as removing any other structures such as fences, trees and bushes.


- How long does it take to build a garage?

- After the design and approval of the project, the construction of the garage takes five to eight weeks. Our project coordinator will inform you about the progress of construction.


-What customization and design options can you suggest for my garage?

- Our designers have extensive experience in garage layouts. We use advanced technology and the best material in design and development. Here is a partial list of options available for your garage:

* Garage Sizes: per customer request.

* Roof Pitch: Any pitch from 2/12 up to 24/12.

* Soffit and Fascia: Aluminum, wood, composite, etc.

* Roof Styles: Gable, reverse gable, hip, clipped gable, etc.

* Siding: Wood, steel, aluminum, stucco, brick, or stone, plus unlimited trim options. Any brand, style, or color.

* Storage Area: Any custom size.

* Garage Doors.

* Custom driveways and sidewalks.

* Garage heating

*Power supply options standard or for high power equipment

*Phone connection

*Finished Interior




We hear all the wishes of our clients!!

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American Home Remodeling is an experienced company that has been thriving in garage construction of varying complexity in Minnesota since 2004.

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