The steps to building a garage


Step 1. Discuss Design and Sign Contract

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a garage build. This includes everything from city laws to your lot specifications. We will combine our expertise with your lot requirements to design and build the best garage possible. We will consider all options and provide you with the best price for the project. There will be a detailed contract containing final costs, design, and a set time frame for the build.

Step 2. Garage Permit/Approvals

Avoid the hassle, we pull all necessary permits required to build your garage. Before we break ground, we’ll have all necessary building permits. If required, all electrical and gas permits are handled by us as well.

Step 3. Site preparation

The lot will be surveyed and prepped as determined by the contract and building permit.

Step 4. Prepare the foundation

After the site has been prepared, our concrete professionals will arrive and prepare the foundation. Shortly after the foundation is prepared and inspected, concrete is poured and concrete blocks are laid.

Step 5. Material delivery and framing

After the concrete is complete and materials have been delivered, it’s time for framing. Our experienced carpenters will arrive and begin framing your new garage.

Step 6. Stand Roof Trusses and Frame Eves/Fascia

We can build any style/slope you require.

Step 7. Sheath Roof and Backup Work

The interior will be framed with all necessary backing so it's ready to be drywalled.

Step 8. Install Windows and Entry Door

American Home Remodeling uses the best windows and doors. We can also order any custom size windows/doors at your request. Want a window with grid, or a patio door for your garage, we can accommodate you.

Step 9. Inspection

The projects not done until all necessary building, electrical, and gas inspections have been completed by the city. We will make sure all inspections get accomplished.

Step 10. Enjoy!

Get some of that gear out of the basement so you can move around down there. Clean out the garden shed (maybe get rid of it all together), and most importantly get those cars in there so you have a warm ‘snow free’ car in the morning when you’re off to work.


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